Book Club Bylaws

The Reading Divas Book Club

Charter & Mission Statement


The Reading Divas is an African American Women’s Book Club.  We primarily read – but are not limited to - the works of African American authors. Our Mission is to provide a forum for members to exchange ideas and opinions and expand their literary libraries thru a monthly book discussion; to support and advocate African American literature, especially the works of new and emerging authors; and to contribute to the community by hosting literary events.


      I.         Membership - Is limited to women who foster sisterly fellowship and share a love of reading. We will have no more than 18 members.

    II.         Recruiting New Members - Prospective members must be sponsored/introduced by a current member. Applicants must complete the Divas Application form and review a copy of these by-laws prior to attending a meeting. Applicants will attend a minimum of two meetings prior to full membership being extended.

  III.         Guests - Members may invite an adult guest to a regular monthly meeting only after she has notified the hostess and been given the go-ahead. This is a “Grown Woman’s” club and children are not included in monthly meetings.

  IV.         Meetings - Are held once a month on the 3rd Sunday at 5:00 p.m., and are hosted by rotation thru the membership. The hostess chooses the book for that month and moderates the discussion. Meetings will open with the report of and collection of dues, business discussion and refreshments followed by the book discussion. If a member is unable to host in her assigned month, she should first attempt to trade with another member in the rotation; if that isn’t possible, she should seek assistance from the Group Coordinator.

    V.         Book Discussion - It is the responsibility of the hostess to be prepared with questions, keep the meeting on track, and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.  She should encourage consensus or allow everyone to express their alternate opinions in constructive ways that open a point up for discussion rather than disrespectfully squashing the opposition.

It is the responsibility of the members to contribute to the meeting – everyone benefits if we are able to openly discuss everyone’s views politely. Interrupt others or engaging in side conversations during meetings, is discouraged.

   VI.         Membership Dues - A total of $120 per year, or $30 per quarter, is due in full not later than the November meeting each year.

  1. VII.         Fines – on the Honor System - A $2 fine is assessed when a member does not obtain or finish reading the book; is tardy by more than 30 minutes; does not advise the hostess in advance that she will not or cannot attend the meeting.  A $20 fine is assessed if a hostess cancels a meeting without good cause or does not arrange for another member to host the meeting.
  2. VIII.         Attendance -Members are expected to be regular in their attendance.

  IX.         Termination of Membership - If a member no longer wants to participate, she should immediately advise the Club President. Membership may be called into question or revoked if a member misses more than two consecutive meetings without notice or reason or if her dues payment is more than two quarters in arrears.

Questions about the Club or this document should be addressed to Sharon Lucas, President & Founder at