Making Promo Dollars Count!

It's happened to all of us at least once!

Though you vowed it would never happen again, you still found yourself having to throw away the latest order of rack cards that arrived today because you inadveretently omitted the contact info or the date of the event was wrong or the event link was incomplete!

We lead very busy lives and mistakes do happen, so we must develop ways to eliminate or at least cutdown on these costly errors. My solution was to create an information check off list that I refer to before I push the "send" button to order materials or post information!

Doing this has saved me both time and money because it has helped me eliminate reordering. Of course some things can be fixed by adding a label with the missing info but when that can't be done, discarding and reordering is often the only solution. The next step is to check and double check, even triple check, all information before you submit it!

Though these extra steps may add a few more minutes to the task, doing so has allowed me to produce more error-free, more professional looking work. 

  • "Must Include Info" when preparing ads, event flyers and announcements and when setting up pages on Eventbrite, etc.:
    • The date(s) complete with year.
    • The location with complete address (street, city and state)
    • Time with am or pm
    • If it’s an on-line or conference call event, include the time zone where the event will originate
    • Who to contact and where/how that person can be reached
  • “Must Include Info” on business or rack cards and book marks:
    • If they are for a specific event, include all of the info above
    • Your email address, Facebook, Twitter and website links
    • It’s also helpful to your audience if you include your links on the bottom of your email page.


  • Carry updated business, rack or postcards WITH YOU at all times! In order to network and grow your business, you must be prepared to quickly share information but remember, those cards are useless if they're outdated or incomplete!
  • Don’t write contact information on small pieces of paper that you might lose or not remember what the note is about when you do come across it. If you don’t carry a small notebook for this purpose, take the time – on the spot - to add the info to your phone.